Will my son/daughter have guaranteed playing time?

Travel basketball is different from Recreational League basketball in that any player has no guaranteed playing time. Practice participation, overall improvement, and effectiveness will determine playing time. Coaches will do their best to get every player in the game, but some players will play more than others. 

How many players are on a travel basketball team?

Each team has 8-10 players. Teams are arranged by school grade. In cases where we have enough at a grade level to form two teams, there will be a Purple and a Blue team. Players will be placed accordingly at the coaches’ discretion.

How long is a travel basketball season?

Our seasons run in two-month intervals with a guarantee of 8 games, including a playoff weekend leading to a championship game. Our travel program runs throughout the year and participates in consecutive seasons.

What type of time commitment can we expect for Travel Basketball?

Travel Basketball is set up for athletes to have two 90-minute weekly practices and then play two games each weekend (Saturday and Sunday afternoon). In addition, if the team is ready to step up the competition, there are at least three tournaments throughout the year. Making a travel team requires a commitment to this practice and game schedule. 

How much does it cost to participate in your travel team?

The cost to participate is $275 for a uniform, travel bag, and warmup hoodie. There is also an additional monthly cost for weekly practices, court reservation fees, and insurance. Additional costs vary per team and depend on season and tournament fees. Costs may vary from year to year. 

What is the travel basketball program?

The travel program offers an opportunity for a player to receive additional practice, coaching, and gameplay outside a basketball recreation program. This program is designed to accelerate a player’s basketball fundamentals and expose players to higher competition. A player must try out to make a travel team, and based on the number of players selected, typically, there will be an “A” and a “B” squad.